My iPhone Development Bootcamp

I’m working on a mobile software business idea with a friend. My close friends and professional contacts like the idea. Their advice, build a working prototype to show potential customers and investors.

My immediate platform choice, iPhone OS. But, I’m a C++ and Java guy and native iPhone apps are built using Objective-C and the Cocoa Touch API. So, I was I need of some fast-track training, ASAP.

How did I learn Objective-C? To be clear, Objective-C and C++ are quite different. But, if you are comfortable with C++, these are useful references:

Note: Objective-C is object oriented (OO). Therefore, familiarity with OO is a must.

What about Cocoa Touch? Every budding iPhone developer starts at Apple’s iPhone Development Center, which has a lot of learning content. For me, I prefer learning by seeing, hearing and doing. So, I began with the Getting Starting videos, which are split into easily digestible twenty minute chunks. Except for the last one “The Fundamentals of Cocoa” which is over an hour of yawning.

The videos are a good a high-level overview and helpful in determining which areas to pursue further. However, for more in-depth study, I highly recommend Stanford University’s iPhone development course on iTunes U.

My learning workflow was ideal:

  • Watch a lecture
  • Practice in Xcode
  • Develop the associated component

Learning and developing my prototype at the same time, beautiful. Thank you iTunes U and Stanford!

In my next post, I’ll discuss how I broke through coding roadblocks.


My iPhone Development Bootcamp

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